March 06, 2017

AFSCME Endorsements: 2017 Local Elections

Local elections impact workers' rights and livelihoods in communities across Illinois. Be sure to vote and make your voice heard! Election Day is Tuesday, April 4.

In Champaign County, AFSCME recommends voting:

The following candidates were endorsed by the AFSCME Illinois PEOPLE program.


Mayor: Jackie Traynere


Moline School Board:
Andy Waeyaert
Erin Waldron-Smith
Jim Carsell


Alderman 5th Ward: Rita Ali

Rock Island

Mayor: Andy Rowe

Alderman 1st Ward:
Ivory Clark

Alderman 3rd Ward:
James Spurgetis

Rock Island School Board:
Tina Imes
Eric Rowell
James Veasey
Gary Rowe


Mayor: Tom McNamara

Alderman 2nd Ward:
Jonathan Logemann

Alderman 3rd Ward:
Kayellen DiTommassi

Alderman 9th Ward:
William Rose

Alderman 10th Ward:
Jim Hughes

Alderman 12th Ward:
Barb Verni-Lau

Rockford Township Assessor:
Ken Crowley

Rockford School Board:
Subdistrict A: WRITE IN Brandi Brown—there are no candidates listed for Subdistrict A.
Subdistrict F: Kimberley Haley

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