August 18, 2017

Gov. Rauner vetoes taxpayer accountability bill

The governor vetoed legislation on August 18 that aimed to curb reckless privatization and ensure accountability to taxpayers by preventing the state from privatizing services currently performed by state employees without first meeting rigorous requirements.

Sponsored by Rep. Litesa Wallace and Sen. Andy Manar, the legislation allowed the state to enter into third-party contracts only when those contracts are in the best interest of Illinois.

In order for a third-party contract to be deemed in the state’s best interest, it has to clearly demonstrate that it meets numerous conditions, including:

“Rauner's veto of this incredibly important bill is disappointing but not surprising,” said John Cameron, Director of Political and Community Relations at AFSCME Council 31. “The governor has no real interest in protecting taxpayers from irresponsible privatization schemes that hurt workers and degrade public services.”

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