August 30, 2017

Unions are about economic freedom

Big corporations, irresponsible politicians and wealthy interests have rigged our economy and our politics against working people.

If workers don’t have the freedom to form unions, there is no front-line defense against unfair wages, harmful policies and eroding public services.

That’s why American workers are standing up. We are demanding the freedom to join together in strong unions. And we are calling on our elected leaders and candidates running for office to publicly support us.

The collective voice of working people in unions always has been a powerful force, and that power has never been more important than now. Get involved with the fight for worker freedom in your community. Watch and share this video about the power of unions:

Here’s why America needs unions more than ever:

Unions fight for real freedoms like having a decent living resulting from hard work, having the time to take a loved one to the doctor or to attend a parent-teacher conference, and having the ability to retire with dignity.

Join AFSCME and working people across the country in supporting the freedom of working people to join together in unions and make their communities better.

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