Aug 24, 2016
New! DOC attempt to blame Pontiac CC employees for inmate assault is shameful, baseless

The Illinois Department of Corrections’ attempt to lay the blame on injured employees for outbreak of inmate violence at Pontiac Correctional Center is shameful and baseless. The employees’ actions were in compliance with departmental procedures.

Aug 22, 2016
New! Union calls for better internal security at Pontiac Correctional Center in the wake of assault on correctional employees

A troubling culture of inmate violence at Pontiac Correctional Center culminated in an assault by multiple inmates on prison staff on August 21. Four correctional officers and two lieutenants were treated for non life-threatening injuries.

Aug 22, 2016
New! Fair Contract for State Employees!

While state employees are working hard every day to serve the people of Illinois, they also worry about their future and that of their families. Get the facts from AFSCME about the fight for a fair state contract.

Aug 17, 2016
Caregivers, advocates urge Gov. Rauner to sign living-wage bill

AFSCME members, families and community agencies delivered thousands of postcards urging Gov. Rauner to sign HB 5931, which sets a $15 base wage for direct support personnel who care for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Aug 09, 2016
Aurora community speaks out to save library services

More than 100 community members filled the West Branch of the Aurora Public Library on August 8 to protest the Library Board's planned cuts to staff and services. Many in the standing room only crowd wore stickers demanding "No cuts!"

Aug 05, 2016
New! State employees fed up with Rauner harassment at work

AFSCME members are pushing back on the governor’s misinformation campaign.

Jul 20, 2016
New! AFSCME members across the country stand with Illinois

More than 3,000 AFSCME delegates to the 42nd International Convention meeting this week in Las Vegas overwhelmingly approved a resolution of solidarity with Illinois members who are confronting one of the most fiercely anti-union governors in the country.

Jul 15, 2016
Never Quit: 42nd AFSCME International Convention

As union members face an unprecedented assault on basic bargaining rights, delegates from AFSCME local unions in Illinois will help shape our union’s strategy to fight back at AFSCME’s 42nd International Convention from July 18 to 22. We never quit.

Jul 13, 2016
Aurora Public Library employees, patrons protest cuts at City Hall

Aurora library employees, patrons, kids and families held a “Read-In at City Hall” to fight proposed cuts to library hours and services.

Jul 07, 2016
Labor Board says NO to Rauner speed-up request

The Illinois Labor Relations Board voted unanimously to deny the Rauner Administration’s motion to bypass a recommended decision from the judge who presided over hearings into the Unfair Labor Practice charges filed by Gov. Rauner and by AFSCME.

Jun 29, 2016
Illinois higher education crisis at tipping point

AFSCME members, allies urge full funding of state universities now, and with none of Gov. Rauner’s harmful poison-pill demands.

Jun 14, 2016
President Obama endorses Hillary Clinton for President

President Barack Obama endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for President of the United States in this video on June 9, 2016.

Jun 10, 2016
Gov. Rauner vetoes back pay, social services funding

Gov. Rauner has vetoed Senate Bill 2046, legislation to fund the back pay owed to thousands of state employees, as well as critical social services, public health and higher education.

Jun 06, 2016
From an AFSCME family to a Nashville star

One of the brightest new country stars in Nashville, Margo Price comes from an AFSCME family in Illinois.

Jun 02, 2016
Lawmakers call for return to bargaining but refuse to support HB 580, the fair arbitration bill

When the governor sharply rejected seven Republican legislators’ call to return to the bargaining table, these same legislators refused to support their constituents.

Jun 02, 2016
Retirees elect advocate to SERS Board

Retirees elected John Tilden as their Annuitant Representative on the State Employees’ Retirement System Board of Trustees.

May 27, 2016
AFSCME sanitation worker goes viral

When the special friendship between a three-year-old girl and an AFSCME Local 699 sanitation worker in Bloomington, Ill., went viral, the world got a lesson in kindness.

May 25, 2016
New! House fails to override Rauner veto of fair arbitration bill, HB 580

The House fell short of the margin needed to enact the fair arbitration bill over the governor's veto. See inside for AFSCME's statement in response.

May 18, 2016
10,000 rally in Springfield, demand Governor Rauner stop hurting Illinois

Working families and community groups call on the Governor and his legislative enablers to drop their harmful demands and make Illinois a place that works for all.

May 16, 2016
Rauner water-carriers recycle old falsehoods

Days before Gov. Rauner vetoed HB 580, legislation to provide a fair path to a state contract, his loyal minions at the Illinois Policy Institute rushed out a “report” that recycles long-discredited claims regarding state workers' compensation.

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