Feb 26, 2015
New! Rauner budget benefits the wealthy few

The expiration of last year's income tax rates is costing the state $5 billion a year. The resulting tax breaks benefit the rich, and Gov. Rauner wants to fund them with budget cuts for the rest of us.

Feb 26, 2015
New! AFSCME-backed candidates prevail in local races

In Chicago and Springfield, AFSCME helped propel to victory candidates who have pledged to stand with working families and defend union rights.

Feb 18, 2015
AFSCME responds to Gov. Rauner's proposed budget

"The governor is wrong to propose a budget that gives billions in tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy, while making billions in cuts to vital public services," AFSCME Council 31 executive director Roberta Lynch said.

Feb 13, 2015
Comptroller, attorney general say Rauner order striking fair-share fees isn't legal

State comptroller Leslie Munger won't comply with Gov. Rauner's executive order to block fair-share fees for state employees because the order violates the law, the Capitol Fax newsletter and other media reports say. Attorney General Lisa Madigan agrees.

Feb 11, 2015
New study: Switching to 401(k)-style plans is a loser for states

When three state governments eliminated defined-benefit pensions in favor of 401(k)-style plans, promised savings failed to materialize and funding gaps actually worsened.

Feb 09, 2015
AFSCME responds to Rauner executive order on fair-share fees

Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch called the governor’s executive order a “blatantly illegal abuse of power.”

Feb 09, 2015
Illinois labor movement stands together in opposing governor’s agenda

Along with AFSCME, the Illinois AFL-CIO, laborers, teachers and other unions joined in criticizing proposals put forward by Gov. Rauner that would hurt middle-class families.

Feb 04, 2015
New! AFSCME responds to governor's State of the State address

Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch said that the union welcomed "recognition of the dangerous conditions in our state’s prisons," but strongly criticized the governor's policies that would drive down wages in the public and private sectors.

Jan 30, 2015
New! Labor united in response to new governor’s attacks

In Springfield, Chicago, Decatur, and the Quad Cities, labor leaders strongly criticized Bruce Rauner’s attempt to blame unions for the state’s economic woes. In Champaign, union members turned out to protest his appearance.

Jan 30, 2015
Unions ask court to protect retirement security for City of Chicago workers, retirees

Lawyers for AFSCME and three other unions representing City of Chicago workers and retirees have asked a Circuit Court judge to halt implementation of a law that sharply reduces pension benefits in violation of the state constitution.

Jan 25, 2015
New! Public services, fairness and respect for workers are focus at legislative conference

Delegates to the AFSCME Council 31 legislative conference set the union's agenda for the coming General Assembly, and heard speeches from Democratic state treasurer Mike Frerichs and Republican state senator Sam McCann.

Jan 22, 2015
New! New report shows widening wealth gap

With the richest 1 percent in the world close to controlling more wealth than the remaining 99 percent combined, action is needed now to reverse the trend and preserve a strong middle class.

Jan 13, 2015
Rauner focuses on state budget woes, takes unfair potshot at public employees

Gov. Bruce Rauner's inaugural address identified big challenges facing state government but was marred by an unwarranted potshot at public employees and their unions.

Jan 21, 2015
Progressive aldermen call for privatization ordinance

A group of Chicago aldermen has renewed its push to pass an ordinance aimed at bringing transparency and accountability to the process for contracting out city services.

Jan 16, 2015
Assaults at Logan CC surge amid overcrowding, cutbacks

AFSCME local union leaders at Logan Correctional Center are challenging a report that significantly downplayed the extent of violence at the facility. They've documented some 400 instances of violence against employees and other inmates.

Jan 14, 2015
Double whammy: AG challenges rulings on pensions, back pay

This week the Illinois Attorney General moved forward with two Supreme Court filings, one seeking to defend pension cuts and the other to deny back wages owed state employees.

Jan 14, 2015
Illinois Federation of Labor urges lawmakers to block “right-to-work” (for less)

Big Business is pushing “right-to-work” (for less) laws across the country. Illinois labor says “not in our state!”

Jan 14, 2015
Want to be happy? Join a union!

A new study proves what many union members already know to be true: Being in a union means a big boost in life satisfaction.

Jan 11, 2015
New trade agreement threatens U.S. jobs

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a secretive trade pact now before Congress, would benefit large, multi-national corporations while hurting American workers and consumers.

Jan 09, 2015
New! Honoring local law enforcement

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day – a time to show your support for the officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep our communities safe.

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