Public employees are target of union-destruction scheme

The anti-worker forces behind Janus v. AFSCME want to silence our voices and take away our freedom to come together to defend our rights, our families and our future.

Working people are more resolved than ever to stick together and fight back against any attacks that attempt to divide us.

America needs unions now more than ever to fix a democracy and economy rigged in favor of the wealthy and powerful. Unions will always be the most effective vehicle for everyday people to negotiate a fair return on our work; our strength in numbers gives us power.

That's why the forces behind the lawsuit, like the National Right-to-Work Foundation, the Illinois Policy Institute and the Liberty Justice Center, are waging an aggressive campaign to get employees who are currently members to drop out of the union.

No court case will stop our movement. We're staying strong, united and determined.

Here's what you can do:

AFSCME Strong Toolkit:

Download these educational tools to share at member meetings, in one-on-one conversations with co-workers and on social media.


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