January 08, 2019

AFSCME makes endorsements in City of Chicago races

Every AFSCME member who lives in Chicago has an enormous stake in the issues confronting the city, like good public schools, ready access to health care and mental health treatment, strong community development, safe streets, equitable treatment by law enforcement, and economic opportunity that provides hope for our young people.

For too long the city has put the interests of the wealthy—of developers, banks and other powerful forces—ahead of those of working people. It’s time to change that, and this election gives us a chance to do so. The first round of voting will be held Feb. 26 and early voting begins January 29 (not 28th as earlier planned). In races where no candidate receives more than 50%, the two top vote-getters will advance to a runoff election on April 2.

The AFSCME Region I PEOPLE Committee comprised of AFSCME local union leaders in Chicago and the surrounding area has made endorsements in aldermanic and city-wide contests, listed below.

Mayor: No endorsement. Information on who not to vote for here.

Clerk: Anna Valencia*

Treasurer: Melissa Conyears-Ervin

City Council:

Ward 3. Pat Dowell*
Ward 4. Sophia King*
Ward 5. Leslie Hairston*
Ward 6. Roderick Sawyer*
Ward 10. Sue Sadlowski Garza*
Ward 11. Patrick Daley Thompson*
Ward 12. George Cardenas*
Ward 14. Tanya Patiño
Ward 15. Raymond Lopez*
Ward 16. Toni Foulkes*
Ward 17. David Moore*
Ward 18. Derrick Curtis*
Ward 19. Matthew O’Shea*
Ward 20. Jeanette Taylor
Ward 21. Howard Brookins*
Ward 22. Michael Rodriguez
Ward 23. Silvana Tabares*
Ward 24. Michael Scott*
Ward 26. Roberto Maldonado*
Ward 27. Walter Burnett*
Ward 28. Jason Ervin*
Ward 29. Chris Taliaferro*
Ward 30. Ariel Reboyras*
Ward 31. Milly Santiago*
Ward 34. Carrie Austin*
Ward 35. Carlos Ramirez Rosa*
Ward 37. Emma Mitts*
Ward 38. Nicholas Sposato*
Ward 41. Anthony Napolitano*
Ward 43. Derek Lindblom
Ward 45. John Arena*
Ward 46. James Cappleman*
Ward 48. Harry Osterman*
Ward 49. Maria Hadden
Ward 50. Debra Silverstein*

* = incumbent

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