May 24, 2018

Back pay bill passes House & Senate

HB 4290, the bill sponsored by Rep. Jerry Costello (D-Red Bud) that would provide funding for wages owed to state employees since 2011, passed out of the Illinois House of Representatives with a veto-proof majority on May 24 and out of the Senate with unanimous support on May 30.

AFSCME green reigned at the State Capitol on May 10 when nearly 1,000 state employees turned out in Springfield to lobby for passage of an appropriation to provide funds for the back wages owed to more than 20,000 state employees.

Our voices were heard!

HB 4290 would provide funding for the remaining back wages owed to state employees since a negotiated wage increase was withheld in 2011. The Illinois Supreme Court has already ruled that the money is owed to employees, but that it must first be appropriated by the General Assembly.

Now the bill goes to Gov. Rauner's desk. He should recognize that it passed with veto-proof majorities in both houses and quickly sign it.

But if he does veto it, funding for the back pay is also included in the FY 2019 budget bill which passed both houses with large majorities! If the governor signs the new budget, as expected, he will also be signing off on payment of the back wages owed since 2011.

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