July 22, 2021

Child tax credits arrive

Last week AFSCME members all across Illinois got a big boost in their “mailboxes”—the latest benefit of President Biden’s American Rescue Plan began arriving in Illinois as the IRS began distributing the proceeds of expanded child tax credits to families nationwide.

The largest-ever tax cut for working families in American history, the expanded child tax credit recognizes that families need support to recover from the devastating impact of the pandemic—and that raising kids is costly at any time.

Paid first on the 15th of July and in equal installments every month through the end of the year, the tax credit is automatic—the first of its kind—so that families receive the funds without having to apply.

These monthly payments will help pay for essentials like groceries, child care and doctor’s visits.

While for now this enhanced tax credit is only available in 2021, President Biden and many lawmakers want to make it permanent as part of Biden’s American Families Plan.

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