March 14, 2022

Fair pay... Pass it on!

In Illinois, more than 27,000 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities live in community residential settings and rely on Direct Support Personnel (DSPs) to enhance their quality of life. From daily personal care (eating, grooming, and dressing) to teaching essential skills and attending to complex medical needs the work of DSPs is physically and emotionally demanding.

Over the past five budget cycles, Illinois has increased funding for these services by 52%—yet starting wages remain barely above minimum wage in many agencies, turnover is often 50% or more and vacancies are staggeringly high.

Legislation Needed

Take Action

DSPs are making their voices heard in the Illinois General Assembly! Make your call today at 888-453-3211. First you'll be connected to your state senator. After you hang up, you'll get a text message with a number to call your state representative. Be sure to make both calls!

The basic message is the same for both chambers, but you can share your personal story to make your message more powerful: I urge you to support a $3.50 wage increase in the budget with strong language requiring that it's passed in full to frontline workers.





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