January 28, 2019

State employees to be placed on correct step effective April 1

State employees will be placed on the correct step of the state pay plan as of April 1, according to information provided today by the Pritzker administration.

Governor Pritzker announced on his first full day in office that he would act to end Bruce Rauner’s illegal four-year freeze on step progression by placing employees on the appropriate step going forward.

The administration has now informed the union that all agencies in state government have been instructed to move forward immediately to determine each employee’s proper step—including longevity—and to adjust payroll accordingly. Pritzker’s office has said that while the effective date will be April 1 for all employees, some agencies may potentially need an additional pay period to make the necessary changes. No matter when the actual change is made, step placement will be effective April 1.

The Pritzker Administration has not yet provided a timetable for payment of back wages owed since Rauner’s illegal step freeze began in July of 2015.

"AFSCME stopped Bruce Rauner's illegal step freeze in the courts and voters rejected him at the ballot box," Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch said. "Now Illinois can begin cleaning up the mess Rauner left behind, and for more than 20,000 state workers, that means ensuring everyone is placed on their proper step and paid what they are owed. Knowing that employees will be back where they belong as of April 1 is a welcome step in the right direction."

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