September 28, 2020

Vote to re-elect Kevin Ochalla to the Cook County Pension Fund

This October, Cook County employees will have the opportunity to re-elect AFSCME Local 3315 member Kevin Ochalla to the Cook County Pension Fund Board. Kevin was elected in 2017 and is the first AFSCME member to serve on the Cook County Pension Fund Board.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person voting has been cancelled this year. All Cook County employees will be mailed a ballot toward the end of September. Mail ballots must be received by the Cook County Pension Fund no later than October 28 to be counted.

Kevin Ochalla has served as an Assistant Public Defender in Cook County for more than 17 years and is President of AFSCME Local 3315. In both roles Kevin has shown an unwavering commitment to protecting and defending the rights of individuals.

As Trustee, Kevin has stood firm in his commitment to amplify the interests of all Cook County employees in the decision-making of the Board. Over the last three years serving as Trustee, Kevin has become the leading authority for Labor’s interests on the Board and an outspoken voice on various issues of concern- from legislation impacting the funding and independence of the pension fund to retiree health benefits. Kevin is a proven leader on the Cook County Pension Fund Board.

Cook County employees should have received their election packet in the mail. Fill out your mail ballot for Kevin Ochalla and return it right away!

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