October 16, 2020

Vote YES for Tom Kilbride

Mark your ballot YES to retain Justice Tom Kilbride on the Illinois Supreme Court. Don’t miss or skip that question on the ballot. Workers rights and retirement security is at stake.

Justice Kilbride is an ally we can count on in the state's highest court.

He has roots in union organizing. As a student at Illinois State University, Kilbride helped organize community support for the first-ever collective bargaining act for farm workers in California.

Kilbride also spent his first seven years as a practicing attorney for Prairie State Legal Services in Rock Island, where he helped low-income clients deal with domestic violence, unemployment insurance, mortgage foreclosure, and housing evictions cases.

Protect our pensions

The big money crowd that backed Bruce Rauner is now trying to take over the Illinois Supreme Court so they can go after our pensions again. They’re out to defeat Justice Kilbride because he voted to protect our pensions. In fact, billionaire Ken Griffin just contributed $2 million to try to take down Kilbride. 

It’s up to us to stop them. Your vote is critical. To remain on the court, Tom needs the support of 60% of the voters in his district!

When you cast your vote, please be sure to vote YES to retain Judge Tom Kilbride on the Illinois Supreme Court. And then call, text or email your friends and family with a clear, simple message:

Please vote YES to retain Tom Kilbride as a judge on the Illinois Supreme Court. Tom’s commitment to fairness makes him an outstanding justice.

You can vote by mail or in person. Early voting is already underway. But whenever you vote, please be sure to vote YES to retain Tom Kilbride.

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