Sep 01, 2020
New! Stay Safe: Suicide Awareness Month

Twelve employees at the Department of Corrections died by suicide last year. During Suicide Awareness month, AFSCME is sharing a message of hope and concern.

Aug 31, 2020
New! VIDEO: AFSCME is ready to meet this moment

Members of the AFSCME Council 31 Executive Board share their thoughts on the challenges before us as we work to end ingrained racism.

Aug 29, 2020
New! Larry Marquardt Scholarship winners head to college

Congratulations to three children of AFSCME members—Rachel Ashley, Mary Hicks and Edward McMillian—who were awarded AFSCME Council 31’s 2020 Larry Marquardt Scholarship.

Aug 20, 2020
New! Fighting the virus

Tens of thousands of AFSCME members have been at their worksites daily throughout the pandemic in cities, counties, universities, school districts, and nonprofit agencies all across the state, performing work deemed essential.

Aug 04, 2020
New! Layoffs, budget cuts loom if Senate Republicans don’t act

President Trump and Senate Republicans are refusing to include critical aid to state and local governments in a new federal coronavirus relief package.

Jul 31, 2020
New! Fair Tax facts: Don't be misled!

The Fair Tax amendment is popular, necessary and the right thing to do. Opponents who want to avoid paying their share try to confuse voters about what fair tax reform will do. Here are the facts to fight back against their false attacks.

Jul 29, 2020
New! Illinois expands vote by mail

Safe voting options increased during ongoing pandemic when Gov. JB Pritzker signed a law expanding the state’s vote-by-mail program for the general election in November.

Jul 22, 2020
O School counselors join AFSCME

Support our newest AFSCME members as they advocate for their students and one other at the bargaining table.

Jun 22, 2020
Surviving COVID-19—with pay

Both Josh Howard and Erin Hamilton-Howard—members of AFSCME Local 2073—tested positive for COVID-19 early in the pandemic. AFSCME helped make sure they had the paid time off they needed.

Jun 15, 2020
On the Job: Alishia Glover

Illinois Department of Children & Family Services, Local 2081

Jun 15, 2020
Raising awareness, building unity

AFSCME members in the Illinois Department of Corrections have long been part of building awareness and raising funds for the Special Olympics.

Jun 11, 2020
Laid off education employees can apply for unemployment

If you are a non-instructional employee in a school district, university or other educational setting, act quickly to receive unemployment benefits this summer.

Jun 10, 2020
On the Job: Retesha Thadison

Illinois Department of Employment Security, Local 2971

Jun 01, 2020
Change must come

AFSCME joins in mourning the unconscionable death of George Floyd and in demanding justice for his family and an end to the contagion of racism that continues to beset our country.

Jun 08, 2020
New law expands worker protections

On June 5, Gov. JB Pritzker signed into law the AFSCME-backed bill HB 2455, which gives expands access to unemployment benefits and workers’ compensation coverage.

Apr 09, 2020
ISU clerical staff win contract

AFSCME Local 3236 members fought hard to win this contract, which includes annual raises and finally starts rewarding longtime employees for their experience and dedication.

Jun 04, 2020
Rockford Public Schools locals win contracts, help community

Now that bargaining is over, AFSCME members at RPS 205 are staying united during the COVID-19 crisis to help their school community—and beyond.

Jun 03, 2020
Their Job: Stopping the spread of the virus

AFSCME members at the Illinois Department of Public Health in Chicago, Springfield and Carbondale are on the front lines in the battle against the coronavirus, helping save as many lives as possible.

Jun 03, 2020
AFSCME interviews Cedric Alexander

Cedric Alexander Psy. D. is a law enforcement expert with over 40 years of experience in public service. He is the author of In Defense of Public Service: How 22 Million Government Workers Will Save Our Republic.

May 27, 2020
On the Job: David Bustamante

Jackson County Ambulance Service, Local 2464

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