Members-Only Benefits

Being an AFSCME member doesn’t only get you an advantage at the bargaining table—it also gets you access to exclusive programs, discounts and benefits that can help make life a little easier.

FREE College: AFSCME Free College brings a degree within your reach. AFSCME and Eastern Gateway Community College are offering the chance to earn an online degree from an accredited school with no out-of-pocket expense. Family members can also take advantage of this benefit. A college degree can be your pathway to new opportunities, greater responsibility and more earning power.

Scholarships: AFSCME members and their children are eligible for a number of college scholarships.

AFSCME Advantage Credit Card: The AFSCME Advantage credit card from Capitol One is designed to meet the needs of union members. Earn 1.5% cash rewards on everyday purchases, pay no annual fee, and get 0% APR for the first 15 months. You also get extra discounts on car rentals and cell phone bills. Cardholders are also eligible for hardship grants in case of job loss, disability, or unexpected hospital costs.

AT&T Wireless: Support union workers by choosing the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier. AT&T employs nearly 150,000 union workers, and AFSCME members save 15% on the qualified monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans. Additionally, members save 20% on select accessories from

Hearing Aid Discount Plan: Provides free annual hearing screening, discounts on high quality hearing aids, free three-year damage insurance, cleaning and batteries.

Entertainment: Movie tickets are up to 30% off the regular ticket price and you can save up to $19 per ticket at theme parks. Having fun doesn't have to drain your bank account Credit Counseling: Get a free consumer credit counseling session and get back on the road to financial recovery.

Travel: Get more from those hard-earned vacation days with AFSCME Advantage. You work hard, so make your vacation dollars work hard with the AFSCME Advantage Travel Center. Get a great deal on flights, hotels, car rentals, entertainment and more.

Auto Needs: From union-made rebates when you buy to savings on car insurance, AFSCME Advantage is the right place to get a great deal for your auto needs. Save money on your next union-made car, auto insurance plan, set of tires, and more.

Accident and Accidental Death Insurance: No one likes to think about the misfortunes that might come our way. But the fact is you may need insurance coverage to help protect your loved ones. Get up to $20,000 of accidental death insurance at no cost.

Legal Service: Union families get access to Legal Program benefits automatically—no enrollment forms or fees required. Get attorney references and a half-hour of no-cost consultation.

And more: These discounts and more are available through the AFSCME Advantage Program. Explore them all!