Personal Support Program

Quotes from Your Union Brothers and Sisters

These are actual quotes from PSP users (the names of individual counselors have been omitted):

"The counselor was very knowledgeable about my problems. He made me feel that he was there to assist me and gave me ideas to use if the problem arises again. Thank you."

"I was dealt with in a completely professional and compassionate manner from my very first call to PSP."

"The counselor was professional and insightful. Although I preferred not to address certain issues, she listened and respected my decisions as to the type of assistance that I prefer to accept at this time."

"PSP helped very much. It felt good to talk to someone who listens and understands and helps you to deal with problems and issues."

"I am very happy with this service. I am very grateful that my daughter could see the counselor in so timely a manner."

"The counselor has always been extremely helpful to me. That is why I needed to come back—she does really care!"

"The counselor was both helpful and extremely understanding and positive with our son. This was greatly appreciated by my husband and me. Thank you."

"The counselor listened to my concerns and began to help me develop an action plan to address the issues that had seemed so overwhelming."

"Setting up the appointment was done very promptly and professionally. The session was very helpful. I feel much better leaving than I did before I got here."

"This was my first time using PSP. I was hesitant to come but I am glad that I did. My counselor made me feel comfortable and I felt as though I could tell him anything. He also made me see things from other points of view. I enjoyed my visit and will definitely use PSP again if I need to."