March 22, 2024

2024 Primary Election Results for AFSCME-recommended candidates

AFSCME-recommended candidates won up and down the ballot in the March 19 primary elections. Overall, 80% of our endorsed candidates prevailed.  See the full results below.

Note: AFSCME does not typically endorse in uncontested races.

A bold W indicates a win.


Joe Biden (D) — W

Vice President
Kamala Harris (D) — W

1st District Supreme Court: Joy Virginia Cunningham (D) — W
3rd District Appellate Court: Joe Hettel (D)

4th District: Jesús “Chuy” García (D) — W
5th District: Mike Quigley (D) — W
6th District: Sean Casten (D) — W
7th District: Danny Davis (D) — W
11th District: Bill Foster (D) — W

State Senate
40th District: Patrick Joyce (D) — W
58th District: Terri Bryant (R) — W

State House
4th District: Lilian Jiménez (D) — W
5th District: Kimberly Du Buclet (D) — W
6th District: Sonya Harper (D) — W
21st District: Abdelnasser Rashid (D) — W
22nd District: Angie Guerrero-Cuellar (D) — W
23rd District: Edgar Gonzalez, Jr. (D) — W
24th District: Theresa Mah (D) — W
27th District: Justin Slaughter (D) — W
29th District: Thaddeus Jones (D) — W
31st District: Mary Flowers (D)
35th District: Mary Gill (D) — W
36th District: Rick Ryan (D) — W
79th District: Billy Morgan (D) — W
83rd District: Matt Hanson (D) — W
110th District: Matthew Hall (R)

Bring Chicago Home (Ballot Question 1)
Vote YES

Jefferson County Board
7th District: Jeffery Nowland (R)

Kendall County
Circuit Clerk: Matthew G. Prochaska (R) — W

Shelby County Board
7th District: Tricia Faye Miller (R)
8th District: Christine Matlock (R) — W
11th District: Carol Cole (R) — W

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