December 01, 2016

AFSCME asks court to halt Rauner imposition

AFSCME has asked a circuit court to halt the Rauner administration’s unilateral imposition of its demands on state employees, including a 100% increase in health premiums, a four-year pay freeze and a blank check for the governor to outsource public services for private profit.

Governor Rauner entered a binding legal agreement clearly stating that no changes can be implemented unless the Labor Board finds the parties are at impasse. Under Illinois law, there is no such finding until the Labor Board issues a written decision, which it has not yet done.

The Rauner administration walked out on bargaining in January and has refused to negotiate ever since. In contrast, AFSCME has repeatedly said we are prepared to consider any of the governor’s proposals and to modify our own, but that requires both parties to be at the bargaining table.

Governor Rauner should negotiate, not dictate. By forcing confrontation instead of seeking compromise, the governor bears responsibility for this litigation and the threat of a disruptive strike.

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