February 27, 2013

Bill could strip right to bargain over health care

URGENT: Strong rumors in the state Capitol indicate that legislation stripping state employees of their right to collective bargaining over health care costs and benefits could be moved in the House of Representatives as soon as today. Your action is needed NOW to prevent its passage.

At this point there is no substantive language or a specific bill. But a shell bill that could be the legislative vehicle passed out of committee on Tuesday night, Feb. 26. Substantive language could be added to this or other legislation and called for a vote of the full House chamber at any time. If passed by the House, the bill would go to the Senate.

This is a direct attack on state workers’ fundamental right to collective bargaining. Negotiating health care benefits and coverage is just as vital as bargaining over wages and other benefits.

Call your state representative and senator NOW!

There are three easy ways to make the calls—you don’t even need to know your lawmakers’ names. You can:

Make two calls now, first to your state representative, then to your senator. Tell them:

Call your lawmakers now! Then share this urgent action alert by email, Facebook and Twitter to get calls from all your co-workers, family and friends.

If and when substantive language is attached to a specific bill, the relevant bill number will be posted here.

Note: This legislation would have repercussions not just for current state employees but for retired state employees and both active and retired state university employees as well, since all participate in the state group health insurance plan.

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