January 22, 2021

Judge rejects management objections to CGH union

Nearly 1,000 employees of CGH Medical Center in Sterling took a big step toward realizing their goal of forming a union with AFSCME this week when an administrative law judge of the state labor board issued a decision rejecting objections raised by CGH management.

Hospital employees organized their union to have a voice to advocate for their patients and a seat at the table when important decisions are made that affect their working lives. The soon-to-be union members at the hospital include registered nurses, certified nurse assistants, licensed practical nurses, phlebotomists, medical assistants and other health care workers.

“I voted to form a union at CGH to ensure fair pay, fair treatment and a guaranteed voice in caring for our patients,” registered nurse Manuel Mooney said.

Management has been trying to frustrate the will of employees to form a union for more than a year, waging an aggressive anti-union campaign among the workers before they filed for their union. And after they filed, management threw up as many legal roadblocks as possible to discourage and deny these employees their right to representation.

“I am proud that we stood together, unified, to form our union,” registered nurse Jodi Thompson said. “At the end of the day, we want to make CGH stronger, to serve our community the best way we know how: through care and compassion.”

Union activists at CGH have demonstrated great courage and determination despite all the employer’s obstacles. They signed up their co-workers, spoke out publicly, and provided compelling testimony time and again.

“CGH management should recognize the will of their employees and begin to forge a good working relationship with our union, not waste more time and money on an appeal,” AFSCME Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch said. “Our union is proud to help give CGH employees the voice and the respect they truly deserve.”

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