December 14, 2012

Truth Squad hits Chicago streets

More than 500 AFSCME members and supporters marched in protest of Gov. Pat Quinn’s attacks on workers’ rights on Thursday evening at the Chicago Cultural Center where the governor was holding a fundraiser.

Quinn’s been waging an unrelenting war on public employees – seeking to slash their pensions, drive down their incomes and wipe out their jobs. His latest move – terminating the state’s collective bargaining agreement with AFSCME – particularly angered union members. And on Thursday evening, they had the opportunity to express that anger.

Quinn threw himself a birthday party/fundraiser at the Chicago Cultural Center and AFSCME members came out in force to demand that the governor stop his attacks on working families and union rights.

While the brunt of Quinn’s attacks has fallen on state employees, large numbers of City of Chicago and Cook County AFSCME members came out to the Cultural Center protest to stand with their fellow AFSCME members in state government.

AFSCME members were joined by supporters from other unions, religious and community organizers. C.J. Hawking from Arise Chicago and Jackson Potter from the Chicago Teachers Union addressed the demonstrators to express their solidarity and call on Gov. Quinn to end his attacks.

Council 31 Associate Director Mike Newman wrapped up the action with a pledge to keep on fighting until Governor Quinn treats workers fairly and respects union contracts.

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