Upward Mobility

Negotiated by Council 31 in the 1989 master contract with the state of Illinois, the Upward Mobility Program (UMP) is a career advancement program, designed to give state employees the opportunity to promote to more challenging, higher-paying positions. The program establishes targeted state titles and helps state employees gain the qualifications needed to move into those titles. For those employees who need additional education to qualify for target titles, UMP covers tuition costs and limited time off from work to attend classes. It also offers the opportunity to test into certain titles without taking additional coursework.

Before this program, state employees did not have any rights to jobs in other bargaining units, and state-funded education and career advancement services were scarce. Since its inception, the Upward Mobility Program has helped over 4,500 state employees earn promotions. Thousands more have taken exams and classes to advance their careers. All state employees covered by the master contract who are interested in going back to school or seeking promotional opportunities can take advantage of this program.

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