June 05, 2019

Budget includes good news for disability, youth care agencies

Gov. JB Pritzker’s $40 billion budget—passed with bipartisan support—includes a 3.5% rate increase for state-funded community disability agencies and a 5% increase for youth care agencies.

In an extraordinarily challenging time, AFSCME members succeeded in sharing their story and fighting for continued progress for the adults and youth they serve every day. Hundreds of frontline staff at state-funded agencies lobbied their legislators in their home districts and at the State Capitol. They spoke directly to the governor’s office and delivered thousands of postcards to his door.

"We are one step closer to a fair wage for DSPs, paraeducators and other frontline staff at disability and youth care agencies across the state," said AFSCME Council 31 Executive Director Roberta Lynch.

While the legislation specifically mentions wages, there is no language regarding the share of the increase that must be used for wages. DHS is directed to issue guidelines on implementation as of August 1.

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