October 20, 2022

Long contract fight pays off for Local 1514

It took nearly three years at the bargaining table, but at last members of AFSCME Local 1514 have won a contract they can be proud of. The new four-year deal with the city of Aurora Public Works includes a 13% increase in wages over three years, much-needed increases in tool and clothing allowances, and two new paid holidays.

With 6% in retroactive wage increases and 7% in increases over the next two years of the contract, the 136 maintenance workers and mechanics are happy that their long fight resulted in a big win.

“Members are feeling great about it,” said Local 1514 President Ruben Delgado. “They understand the wage increases were in line with what we wanted. Our members are very happy knowing that it’s all done. They’re really excited with what we brought to them and they ratified.”

In another big win, Local 1514 secured improved language that allows members to be eligible for overtime after taking paid time off. Now, they can get the overtime pay they deserve even if they took time off earlier in a pay period, something Delgado said benefits both the city and the members.

“It really benefits the employees and the city, because now we have staff on hand who are able to maintain services on a Saturday or a Sunday,” Delgado said. “If you take a Friday off just for a personal reason and you’re able to work on Saturday or Sunday to help out the city for any work, now you’ll be eligible for overtime, which is a good thing for both sides.”

After the city of Aurora returned unsatisfactory proposals on wages and other issues, members knew they had to take action. The local ordered a sea of bright green and white AFSCME hats, and after management saw the wave of solidarity on display, the tone of the negotiations changed.

“The action sure did make a rumble with management in certain departments, and we feel like that helped us out in finishing negotiating our contracts,” Delgado said. “The hats sent a message. Guys showing their solidarity with their negotiating team, it really resonated with the city.”

The bargaining team led by Council 31 Staff Representative Chris Hooser included Delgado, Vice President Justin Davis, Treasurer Rutilio Palip, Recording Secretary John Scott and Executive Board members Bradley Gilkey and Gary DeMario.

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