April 09, 2024

On April 15, tell lawmakers: It’s time to fix Tier 2!

Hundreds of thousands of public employees all across Illinois have a lower pension benefit than their coworkers, who are doing the exact same job.

That’s because in 2010 the Illinois General Assembly, over strong opposition from AFSCME and other unions, pushed through a law that reduced the pension benefits of all public employees hired on or after January 1, 2011.

That’s why AFSCME has helped to re-launch the We Are One Illinois coalition of public employee unions that won a historic lawsuit at the Illinois Supreme Court in 2011 that barred cuts to the pensions of employees already on the payroll.

Now our coalition is bringing together thousands of public employees from every corner of the state to tell Illinois legislators: It’s Time to Fix Tier 2!

From April 15-18, AFSCME members will need to pick up the phone and call their lawmakers. We need to tell them that we work hard to serve the public, and we deserve a fair and equitable retirement.

Make sure you have the week of April 15 marked on your calendar. Get ready to work with members of your local to generate a deluge of calls so lawmakers know that they need to fix the broken two-tier retirement system.

Let’s make our voices heard. Let’s work together and tell lawmakers it’s time to fix Tier 2!

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