June 06, 2022

Save DeKalb County Rehab & Nursing Center

The DeKalb County Board’s executive committee will consider a resolution this Wednesday, June 8, to sell our nursing home to a for-profit company, Illuminate HC.

When nursing homes are privatized, cutting corners to save costs is inevitable:

Take Action!

Call these executive board members and tell them to STOP any sale of our county nursing home! Or click here to send them an email.

John Frieders (Chair) – 815‐474‐7152
Suzanne Willis (Vice-Chair) – 815‐756‐2704
Tim Bagby – 815‐641‐5253
Rukisha Crawford – 815‐690‐6810
Laurie Emmer – 815‐501‐9711
Steve Faivre – 815‐761‐5070
Dianne Leifheit – 815‐758‐8455
Roy Plote – 815‐495‐9038
Craig Roman – 815‐901‐0438

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