March 24, 2020

AFSCME endorses Joe Biden for President

On March 23, AFSCME's International Executive Board voted unanimously to endorse Joe Biden for President.

AFSCME members had many great candidates to choose from in the 2020 Democratic primary, and that's why we did not endorse early as we typically do. The primary campaign has put AFSCME's priorities front and center, with all candidates embracing unions unapologetically, in a way unseen in national politics in many years. In the end, it came down to two candidates. The remaining two candidates stand on the side of working people but according to polling finished just last week, AFSCME members choose Biden by nearly 2-1.

We thank Bernie Sanders who, along with other candidates, passionately made support for working families the centerpiece of the primary and, likely, the general election.

Now is the moment to come together and unite around Joe Biden. He is a man of integrity and character who will wake up every morning thinking about how to lift us up. From health care to education to retirement security, he has a gut-level understanding of the struggles facing working families. And I know he will fight for our collective bargaining rights and our freedom to stand together in a strong union.

By contrast, the Trump agenda has been about enriching him and his billionaire friends. He has tried to take health care away from millions, and the last few weeks prove that he is not up to the task of leading the nation through challenging and uncertain times.

Let's move forward now as one union to elect Joe Biden as president of the United States.

- Issued by AFSCME

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