May 05, 2020

Fund the front lines

Right now, frontline public service workers—like tens of thousands of AFSCME members across Illinois—are putting their lives at risk to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. But if Congress doesn’t pass significant funding for state and local governments, layoffs, program cuts and closures are inevitable.

The United States can’t thank its essential public service workers with a pink slip.

Tell Congress to do its part to fund the front lines and pass state and local aid for public services. Frontline public service workers are critical to fighting this pandemic and re-opening our economy. America can do neither if we lay them off.

In Illinois, the gaping state budget hole left in the wake of the coronavirus battle will affect not only state government, but also local governments, school districts, universities and nonprofit agencies who depend on state dollars to operate.

Passing the Fair Tax in November will help for years to come, but federal aid is needed right now before layoffs and cuts are forced to occur, wreaking havoc and devastation for families and communities. That’s why AFSCME is urging Congress and President Trump to quickly approve hundreds of billions in additional funds for states and local governments nationwide that can be allocated as needed.

Send a letter to your U.S. representative and senator to demand that they fund the front lines so that we can fight the pandemic and re-open our economy. Public service workers are doing their part. Members of Congress need to do theirs.

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