January 24, 2020

No union-busters at Hope Creek Care Center!

The Rock Island County Board will vote Tuesday, Feb. 25 on whether to sell off the public Hope Creek Care Center to a for-profit company. AFSCME is fighting the sale. Click here to write an email to the county board, urging them to vote NO.

The company in line to buy the facility has a track record of poor care and is demanding that Hope Creek workers be stripped of their union rights, along with the benefits and protections they’ve won in their union contract.

In a newly revealed email sent Jan. 23 from Aperion boss Michael Rosen to the county’s real estate agent, Rosen writes, “Nice conversation today regarding moving forward with the contract but I want to make it clear that successor liability of the union contract will be a deal killer.”

The company’s focus isn’t on what’s best for Hope Creek residents, the seniors and people with disabilities who depend on the dedicated employees and excellent care they receive there. (“Residents plead with Rock Island County Board to not sell Hope Creek”, Jan. 22)

Neither is the company focused on what’s best for Rock Island taxpayers, who’d be left holding the bag for millions of dollars in debt if Aperion’s low-ball offer is approved. (“Rock Island County considering $6 million offer for Hope Creek, a fraction of the center's debts”, Jan. 13)

Instead, the company’s focus is on stripping the rights, silencing the voices, and doing away with the benefits and job security of Hope Creek employees. “The union contract will be a deal killer,” the boss says.

Aperion has to be stopped. Rock Island County residents, click here to email the county board and administrator. Urge them to VOTE NO to stop the privatization of our county care home to the anti-worker, anti-union Aperion.

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