July 16, 2013

Unwelcome ALEC!


Unwelcome ALEC

Protest ALEC’s anti-worker agenda at noon on August 8th outside the Palmer House in Chicago. Help expose the role the American Legislative Exchange Council plays in destroying good jobs, fostering privatization and cutting pensions.

ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, is backed by some of the biggest global corporations. It works behind the scenes in state capitols across the nation to push legislation hostile to working people.

ALEC is holding its national convention in Chicago and AFSCME is joining with other concerned organizations to make sure this big-business front group knows that it’s not welcome in Illinois.

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Please be there at noon on Thursday, August 8 in front of the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago, 17 E. Monroe.

The ALEC Agenda

Undermine workers’ rights: ALEC has pressed for “right-to-work” legislation and laws restricting collective bargaining rights. Michigan’s right-to-work law mirrors ALEC model legislation and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s infamous attack on public employees was from the ALEC playbook.

Cut pensions: ALEC promotes cutting public employees’ pensions through shifting from defined benefits to defined contributions. ALEC has been trumpeting Rhode Island’s pension changes, which included creating a defined contribution option while also cutting benefits to workers.

Weaken voting rights: Despite having no evidence of significant voter fraud, ALEC worked with legislators around the country to pass laws that make it harder for many people to vote. In 2011 the number of states with strict voter ID laws quadrupled.

Privatize schools: For almost 20 years, ALEC has pressed for the privatization of schools through school vouchers and tax subsidies for private for-profit schools.

Wipe out the minimum wage: More than half of the 105 state and local bills to reduce or eliminate the minimum wage were sponsored or cosponsored by legislators who are ALEC members.

To learn more, watch a recent news program from Bill Moyers, "United States of ALEC":

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