January 30, 2018

Working People’s Day of Action: February 24

In cities across the country, thousands will challenge a system that favors corporations and the wealthy.

A shadowy network of millionaires and billionaires have rigged the system to gain even more wealth and power at the expense of working people. Those same forces, with the support of Gov. Bruce Rauner, brought a case before the Supreme Court called Janus v. AFSCME that threatens to strip Americans of our freedom to come together in strong unions and build the power in numbers we need to push back.

Join the Rally to Fight Back
Saturday, February 24
Daley Plaza, Chicago
12 Noon

No court, no governor, no president and no corporate bully can stop us when enough of us unite for our freedoms, our health care, our communities and our futures.

Check with your local union for further information. RSVP on Facebook. Need a ride? Click here to reserve space on a rally bus!

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